PneumaCult™ Alveolar Organoid Media (100-0847)

Cell culture media for expansion and differentiation of human alveolar organoids

Application: Cell Culture, Differentiation, Expansion, Maintenance, Organoid Culture


  • PneumaCult™ Alveolar Organoid Expansion Basal Medium, 450 mL
  • PneumaCult™ Alveolar Organoid Expansion 10X Supplement, 50 mL
  • PneumaCult™ Alveolar Organoid Expansion 100X Passage Supplement, 1.5 mL

Size: 1 Kit

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Grow, expand, and differentiate organoids from human alveolar epithelial cells. Unlike traditionally used animal models, alveolar organoids mimic the regional specificity of the in vivo alveoli, making them ideally suited for alveolar biology research, infectious disease studies, and drug screening. With the convenience of PneumaCult™ Alveolar Organoid Media, you can efficiently passage and expand human alveolar epithelial type II (ATII) cells long term as organoids, then further differentiate these ATII organoids to alveolar epithelial type I (ATI) cells for downstream applications.

Use PneumaCult™ Alveolar Organoid Expansion (AvOE) Medium to achieve a 10,000X cumulative-fold expansion of ATII cells as organoids within 10 passages; this high yield reduces the need to regularly source donor tissue. You can flexibly pause your cultures at any passage by cryopreserving organoids cultured in PneumaCult™ AvOE Medium as single cells. The medium’s three-component, serum-free format maximizes experimental reproducibility, and the alveolar organoids maintain properties indicative of the ATII cell phenotype, including the ability for self-renewal, expected marker expression (e.g. HT2-280 and SP-C), and lineage potential for differentiation to ATI cells.

Use PneumaCult™ Alveolar Organoid Differentiation (AvOD) Medium to differentiate ATII cells expanded as organoids in PneumaCult™ AvOE Medium. The two-component PneumaCult™ AvOD Medium enables in-dome differentiation of ATII organoid cultures to ATI cells in as few as 10 days, with over 85% purity. Differentiated cells show decreased ATII marker expression and strong up-regulation of ATI cell markers (RAGE/AGER, HT1-56, and GPRC5a).

PneumaCult™ AvOE and AvOD Media are compatible with primary isolated fresh or cryopreserved ATII cells, as well as high-quality commercially available alveolar epithelial cell sources.

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⦁ Model the human alveolar physiology in 3D with an in vitro culture system that recapitulates key features of ATII and ATI cells in vivo
⦁ Maximize yield from the initial sample with a medium that supports passaging and long-term expansion of ATII organoids
⦁ Cryopreserve and re-initiate organoid cultures with the biobanking capabilities of the alveolar media
⦁ Convenient format and easy-to-use protocol that generates mature ATII and fully differentiated ATI organoids
⦁ Standardized media with optimized formulation and rigorous quality control testing

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Airway Cells, Epithelial Cells




1 kit